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New Courses for 2008-12       

The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards Hypnosis Education and Certification offers courses in: a Basic Hypnotist Course, an Advanced Hypnotherapist Course, a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Course and an NLP practitioner course and a Master NLP course. You can also do our Forensic Investigator Courses or our Anodyne Medical Therapist courses. While taught in our classrooms around the world, you can now order these courses through our special distance education program available on this site. Each one of these courses includes a certificate once completed, which is your certification. It includes a textbook for your own reading and reference along with a course manual, and a video training tape(s) or DVD(s).. If you meet certain guidelines, your successful completion of the courses will entitle you to receive a 6-month membership to the board as well as membership in four other well known and respected organizations. These courses are the same ones that are taught internationally and across the country in classrooms and are the finest courses available anywhere. Our hypnosis courses are available in English and Spanish. Note: 8 out of 10 colleges in the US offer distance education. All of our courses have been approved by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy Inc. Our courses are all accredited and are individually designed to allow enrollment at any time, and completion as rapidly as time and ability permit, without mandatory classroom or residency requirements.

We now have an accredited *PhD and a *DCH in clinical hypnotherapy program available. Click here for more information.



For a limited time only we are offering old versions of our hypnosis courses until they are gone. The Basic -Master courses at $499.00 that's 1/2 price for these older version courses used by thousands to receive their training at one half the cost until they are gone. Three courses for $499.00! When placing your order for these you must put in the comments box on the bottom of the page " older version" to receive this special limited offer. Once they are gone there will be no more.


    0% financing for up to 9 months available on all our courses

New NLP Course Available -- click here!
Basic Hypnotist Course

This hypnosis course is a 100-hour course plus the reading of a text book. When the course is completed, there is a 50-question exam that needs to be taken and returned to the National Board for correction as well as three work assignments.  A minimum score of 75% is required in order to pass. Once you have completed and passed your assignment you will receive a certificate, which will certify you as a Hypnotist. You will then possess the necessary skills needed to perform hypnosis for stop smoking, weight loss, and stress relief. Included with the course are scripts to  induce hypnosis used by leading hypnotists and hypnotherapists.This course includes a Video tape of training or DVD , including a complete, actual consultation and session. You can also use the designation "BH." after your name.

Advanced Hypnotherapist Course

This is a 55-hour course. Once the course is completed and the text book is read, there is a 50-question test that must be passed by a minimum score of 75% to be certified as a Hypnotherapist. Included with the course is a series of "how-to" information on starting and operating a successful hypnotherapy practice. When you have completed and passed the course, you will then possess the necessary skills to perform hypnotherapy for relief from anxiety, fear, pain, age regression, etc. You can also use the letter designation "" after your name.

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist Course
This is a 55-hour course. Once completed, there is a 50-question test that must be passed with a minimum score of 75%. Upon successful completion of the test, you will be certified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and can use the letter designation "" after your name. This course provides state-of-the-art information and tools on the use of hypnotherapy, and explains its many scientific approaches (such as Anodyne Imagery,™ painless child birthing, painless dentistry, Psychology 101 how the brain and memory work ). The course also provides essential "how-to" information on starting, operating, and building a successful hypnotherapy practice. 


This fun and easy to learn NLP Practitioner course is full of simple to understand terms and is a paint by the numbers program. This is a one of a kind, as we hired the best to put this course together exclusively for us, in a simple format, so everyone can now understand and use NLP. Thus proving the point that it does not have to be hard to be understood. This course comes complete with a course manual, a renowned book, "Introducing NLP" and your own personal advisor.

This course includes the following topics,



This is a Course consisting of 16 audiotapes, 6  2-hour videotapes or DVDs, and a student manual.  Once completed there is a test that must be passed with a minimum of  75%.  Upon successful completion of the test, you will be certified as a  CERTIFIED NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER .

This course is the study of how the mind and language affect  behavior.  It is a state-of-the-art set of communication methods for enhancing personal and professional development.  NLP is a "how to" philosophy.  It teaches you how to use your brain, language and physiology to systemically produce the results you want.  With this NLP course you will learn how to overcome procrastination and depression, how to let go of past negative experiences, how to eliminate stress, fear, and guilt.  How to help yourself and others break unwanted habits easily.  NLP will help you enhance your communication with others by understanding their thinking and decision making processes.  Improve interpersonal relationships and   learn how to achieve your goals.

Compare with courses costing $2,500.00                    Click here for  more information


COURSE #4B  NLP Train the trainer - $999.00

NLP for Dummies - $500.00

COURSE #4C  complete NLP package includes 4, 4A,4B - $2,998.00


Purchase all five and pay only $2,798.00, a savings of $949.00.  NOTE: This special  includes a free life time membership, free priority shipping in US, (unless payments), unlimited toll-free support, and free individual scripts. Add an accredited *PhD in clinical hypnotherapy or a *DCH for a total of $4,998.00. Includes Psychology 101 course.



Basic / Advanced / Master - $999.00 
(A Savings of $247.00) - Purchase courses  #1,2,3 and 5. Pay only $1,749.00 a savings of $498.00  Purchase courses # 1,2,3 and 4  Pay $1,798.00, a savings of $449.00  NOTE: This special does include a free 6 month membership, unlimited toll free support, and free individual scripts.


Basic / Advanced / Master - $799.00  plus shipping

(A Savings of $449.00) -  Purchase courses #1, 2, 3 and 4 for $1,499.00, a savings of $600.00.

NOTE: This special does NOT include a free membership/certification, Free shipping, or unlimited support. It does include 30 days of toll free support.

These courses are nationally accepted and accredited and used around the world. They  were prepared by experienced teachers and hypnotherapists, including a Ph.D. (a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy). In addition to being very easy to understand and follow, these hypnosis courses are practical let alone informative.


Hypnotherapy  with Neural Optimization Technique
#25  $999.00

Developed by Dr. de Mel, President of the Institute of Psychologists

This is an extensive course in Advanced Hypnotherapy with the Neural Optimization Technique™, specially designed for Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners. This course is an extensive study of how to re-program the human neural network to reach optimum performance levels. Also the course contains a module on techniques used to hypnotize ‘difficult’ clients / patients, when the individual’s ‘level of hypnotisability’ is at a low level. 

For more information on this course click here

This course includes a course manual and 5 compact disks.



Psychology 101 Basic Psychology Certification


This course includes the following modulus: Introduction to Psychology, Biological Bases of Behavior,   Sensation and Perception,   States of Consciousness,   Learning,    Memory,   Cognition, Human Development I,   Human Development II, Motivation and Emotion, Intelligence, Personality, Health, Stress, and Coping and Mental Disorders.

This course is 360 pages of great information authored by the President of a Psychological Institute and approved by same.



Certified Holistic Health Practitioner  #HHP 230

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Course  $1,995.00

Dr. Lea, a leading UK hypnotherapy and NLP trainer offers through us – Holistic Hypnotherapy Health  Practitioner (CMT), developed through 20 years of experience, this 633 page course which includes powerful techniques for IBS, Anxiety, Arthritis, Sexual Dysfunction, Asthma, etc. and many more techniques never before disclosed to the public. Also included are DVDs showing the techniques in action.

With such a wide possibility of use and for simplicity this prospectus has been set out assuming the reader is considering a career as a professional hypnotherapy practitioner. For those who wish to enter this satisfying and lucrative profession we consider this to be the best value for the money, most comprehensive and practical course available anywhere today.

For those who are already established hypnotherapists we find this course is a valuable addition to their professional knowledge as indicated by the many comments and letters received from those who have trained with us.

The immense satisfaction that can be derived from beneficially changing the quality of life for people, helping them overcome restricting and debilitating mental and physical problems is hard to express in written words and can only really be appreciated by those having the simple skills and knowledge of holistic hypnotherapy as taught in this course of Creative Mindpower Techniques. All the skills in this course are given in an easily to understand way.

Students completing this course will be fully equipped to help with most emotional, psychological and physical problems and conditions with virtually guaranteed success




Hypnosis for Children #7

Hypnosis for children certification course $599.00

This course is packed with great information from the world renowned Del Morrill Hunter. This course has 140 informative pages, plus a script book.
Cost  $599.00

Note: You must have a hypnosis background to take this course.



Hypno Child Birthing #8

Hypno Child Birthing Certification Course $250.00

This course is an excellent way to have painless child birthing as seen on 60 minutes TV. This course was developed by the famous Dr. Paul Durbin of Methodist Hospital and is Praised by Dr. Mc Dowell, OBGYN specialist. 

It sells for $250.00. Please go to    for more information.




Hypnosis for Sports  #14

Hypnosis for sports Certification Course $499.00

In purchasing the Hypnosis For Sports course you will become proficient at using clinical hypnotherapy to engage athletes and help them improve their performances. This course includes the following topics; guided imagery, breathing dynamics, developing training strategies, learn how to incorporate the three primary representational systems into session work, understanding an athlete's belief system, root cause, the power of physiology and much more... This course is a must for any hypnotherapist who works with athlete's or is thinking about working with athlete's.

Also Included are Two Audio Tapes

Tape 1 / CD  How to work a session with an athlete.

Tape 2 / CD  Overview of Hypnosis for Sports Course

Note: Basic Hypnosis certification is required to purchase this course.


Acu-Hypno Certification Course  

  Acu-Hypno Certification Course  #27AH  $399.00

This course combines hypnosis with pressure. Applying pressure to certain points on the body, similar to acupuncture. This is very affective and easy for great results. A basic hypnosis education is required.

Note: Basic Hypnosis certification is required to purchase this course.


Metaphysics #9

Metaphysics certification course $199.00
This course will teach you all about metaphysics including its origin and history. It will teach you the different theories and how it has evolved over the years.




EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique #EFT 800

EFT certification course $399.00

EFT is an emotional healing technique (trauma, phobias, anger, guilt, anxiety,etc.) which is also capable of dramatically relieving many physical symptoms (pain, headaches,asthma,and more). It does the job in minutes and the results are long lasting. It frequently provides relief where other techniques have failed. It has an 80% or better success rate.

This course includes a course manual and disk.


Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Practice

How to Build a Successful Practice #20 $199.99

You’re pumped up and excited about receiving your certification as a hypnotherapist, however, now you’re at a gridlock on how to develop your practice to make unlimited income.  Dr. Kevin R. Sample, M.Ht. will teach you step-by-step how to make your practice a success.  Learn advertising and promotional secrets that your competitors don’t want you to know by a man who succeeded.  



Benefits of Self Hypnosis 

Benefits of Self Hypnosis  #21  $99.99

Learn how to offer a “Self-Hypnosis” Workshop that will create a bee-line to your practice!!!  Dr. Kevin R. Sample, M.Ht. created a power-point presentation that has generated hundreds of people to his practice over the years. Learn how to capture the non-profit organization market!

Includes Power Point CD
Narration Book

Learn how to offer a “Self-Hypnosis” Workshop that will create a bee-line to your practice!!! Dr. Kevin R. Sample, M.Ht. created a power-point presentation that has generated hundreds of people to his practice over the years. Learn how to capture the non-profit organization market!


Non-Verbal Quick Induction Method   $49.00
This technique includes a booklet and a video tape or DVD. It is ideal for the deaf, a foreign person or a
young child.

Board certification, internships, and a fellowship are also available

There is no previous educational experience required to take these courses. They all come with a complete kit containing all that a student needs to complete the courses. Upon completion of the courses you will be certified. In addition there is ongoing support from the board and a starter package including business forms and support materials for running a successful business.There is also a toll free number (1-888-357-8400) that allows you unlimited  access to a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Ph.D. to provide you with answers to any questions you may have either during the courses or at anytime in the future. Office hours are 9 AM to 9 PM seven days a week..

An optional no-cost internship is also available. The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards is the first board to offer such an internship. We suggest that you take this training whenever it is possible for you to do so. It can be taken at any one of our centers worldwide and at anytime in the future. Upon successful completion of the internship, the student will then become board certified. Members are also offered an optional fellowship after two years. Becoming a fellow of the board provides the added prestige and recognition that comes with this designation.

We ship in the US by priority mail, normally takes 1-3 days   for delivery.

Invest in both the Basic and Advanced courses together and get the third course for $50.00. You save $200.00 while on your way to becoming a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Become a Certified International Instructor

Once you have completed these three hypnosis courses and are certified in them you have the option for a cost of $999 to become a Certified International Instructor for the national board. You will be able to teach students anywhere in the world and can charge any reasonable price. For a small fee, the national board will supply you with the necessary kit for each student, including a certificate once they have successfully completed their required study.

We are always looking for trainers
. If you have experience in hypnosis or hypnotherapy (or both), you are certified by at least one national or International board, and your experience is accepted by The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, we will certify you as an instructor without taking the board's three certifications. However, completing the Master course is necessary to teach any of the courses. Therefore, it will probably be necessary for you to complete it since the Master course is one that few people have taken.

We are constantly in pursuit of individuals to set up centers and branch's around the United States and the world. For more information, please call 1-888-357-8400 or e-mail the board. Should you require any further information about the courses or the board, or to obtain superior references, please call toll free at 1-888-357-8400, e-mail us,  or write us at:


The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards
Mailing Address: 2113 Citrus Blvd Suite A Leesburg, FL 34748


Our complete, no-risk, 100% guarantee

Combined with our unequalled support services, we are positive that these practical courses will be easy to learn, even life-changing. Therefore, if, within 10 days, you're not completely satisfied for any reason, you can return the course materials for a complete, "no-questions asked" refund (minus a normal charge for shipping and handling). Return instructions.


    100% Quality Assurance

We are so confident that we offer the very best program available anywhere i.e.: support, prices and guarantee. We make this pledge:

If you find within 6 months from your purchase a better price, better support and a better guarantee,* we will refund to you (upon proof) the entire cost you paid for our courses.  *All three; courses must be similar.

We are breaking new ground again with the best guarantee in the business. 
We now offer a 3-year guarantee on all audio and video products we sell. If during the first 3 years from the original date of purchase, any audio or video product we sell shall be proven to be defective (excluding commercial use) we will at our option and expense, replace or refund the cost of said item or items. There will be no additional charge what so ever to the customer.             

We offer a payment plan and other options.

We are accredited by                                          

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The National Board, setting standards worldwide.

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