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The National Board is proud to have available the first Accredited PhD in Hypnotherapy or DCH Program in the United States for under $1,000.00*.

Our NLP and Psychology courses are the prerequisite for the PhD or DCH program.  We serve as a portal (pass through) on the PhD and DCH program.  You must have successfully completed the Basic, Advanced, Master, and NLP programs (two) and a Psychology course and have practical experience before you can apply for the PhD or DCH program.  This PhD is in clinical hypnotherapy and is provided by a private U.S. College/University, which is accredited.  The DCH (Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy) may require an additional work project.


This PhD is based on the accumulated knowledge obtained through the six courses and your life experiences.  You must submit a CV (extensive resume), which includes all your adult education and work experience including any and all seminars, continuing education, certification, and practical knowledge. You must submit a 100 page thesis as well. We submit all your records and your CV/resume for a complete evaluation.


You will be notified within a short time of the status of your application.  Once completed you will receive a very impressive certificate and official transcripts.  Upon request, an official transcript will be mailed to a place of employment or school on your behalf.


This is the highest level of education you can receive and it will enhance your creditability and should therefore increase your income potential considerably.

*The cost for this program is $999.00 for current members that have completed our certifications and purchased in a package.   Non-members pay $1,500.00 and must have completed a master's certification in Hypnotherapy, NLP and a Psychology course.

The cost for the full program Basic through PhD or DCH is $4,998.00

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